Pyramid Building

We help develop the tiered practices needed to increase social and emotional competence of children as well as address challenging and unsafe behaviors.

Capacity Building

We help increase the effectiveness of interactions between adults who care for, educate and treat children and the people who support those adults.

Family Building

We help home visiting professionals engage families in addressing challenges through the use of our comprehensive continuum of behavior support.


We surround triangles with circles.


Implementers are people who work directly with children. We engage implementers in the design and use of tiered practices to address the diverse social and emotional needs of children.


Supporters are people who work with implementers. We engage supporters in the development of approaches used to meet the diverse needs of implementers.

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Full Group Workshops

In order to establish a common language, introduce concepts, and reflect on how to apply concepts to practice, we use participatory workshops.

Small Group Facilitation

In order to challenge thinking and brainstorm plans of action, we facilitate collaborative groups with people who have shared roles and responsibilities.

Personalized In-Setting Support

In order to use difficult situations to build the capacity of individual participants, we visit and work with participants in their settings.



Thanks to System 1-2-3 we have a strong underpinning of behavioral support, compliance monitoring, IEP development and continual professional development.

Dr. Nancy Hill


System 1-2-3 seeks to understand the inherent needs of the program and deliver content in a format that is easy to understand yet rigorous enough to maximize staff learning.

Brandi Binakonsky


Therapists and teachers are given opportunities to put into practice the knowledge and principles they learned and to feel confident that they are providing appropriate support for families.

Jocelyn Debick


Working with System 1-2-3 has been an amazing experience.  The trainings have provided the mentors at the Southwest Regional Key the tools and resources needed to help all our mentees reach their full potential.

Kitty Syster


This is an incredible opportunity to create change in a system, to help families and children grow, and increase the research-base and literature in the field of early childhood education. I am glad to be a part of it!

Dr. Chad Malcolm 


Our partnership with System 1-2-3 is dedicated to improving the efficiency and efficacy of early childhood education and early intervention.

James Patula

Our Story

  • 1995 – 2005 Behavior Building

    We started as a consulting company with the purpose of engaging people in the effective use of applied behavior analysis to develop individualized behavior interventions. In 2001, T-BASE was recognized with the Innovative Approach to Behavioral Health Care Award.


    We started teaming with teachers to design, implement, and revise social and emotional development strategies on the classroom level. In 2010, we launched our first digital resource, the Practical Guide to Social and Emotional Development.

  • 2010-2015 SYSTEM BUILDING

    We began to focus on relationships and interactions, not only between adults and children, but also between adults. This focus led to the development of our Pyramid Building and Capacity Building frameworks designed to facilitate effective working relationships.

  • 2015-2020 Community Building

    The next five years are going to be exciting as we challenge ourselves and our partners to find new ways to work with early childcare, education, mental health, and families to build the Most Opportunity Environment for all children.

  • our amazing team

    We also partner with a group of seasoned professionals who work individually with teachers and therapists to facilitate progress in the context of their unique circumstances and settings. They are expert pacers, analyzers, leaders, collaborators, and resource-matchers.

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