Meeting People Where They Are
and Facilitating Forward

Years of Partnership
Teams of People
Hours of Service

We facilitate positive social and emotional outcomes. Our focus is on relationships.

System 1-2-3 Stories

“We were in our own spaces, working as separate classrooms and communication was limited and tense.”
The Team
A Story of Relationships

“I quickly noticed significant changes in my students.”

Mimi, Amber, & the Team
A Story of Strength Finding

“I will take this experience with me for the rest of my career and life.”

Kate, Hailey, & Small Groups
A Story of Growth

We facilitate positive social and emotional outcomes. In doing so, we choose to

build relationships. focus on systems. find strengths. seek answers. prioritize growth. join teams.


We work with partners, rather than customers. Partnership indicates sharing visions, responsibilities, contributions, strengths, needs, and successes. System 1-2-3 brings the following services to our partners:

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Carol Barone-Martin, Executive Director of Early Childhood Education for Pittsburgh Public Schools, talks about partnering with System 1-2-3.

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Jamie Crowell, Behavior Specialist, Special Education Program for Pittsburgh Public Schools, talks about working with System 1-2-3 facilitators.


We are facilitators, rather than consultants. As facilitators we seek to understand and bring out the perspectives, strengths, ideas, and knowledge of the educators, therapists, and caregivers to create change that can be sustained. System 1-2-3 Facilitators are:


We work through processes, rather than offer prescriptive answers. The variables that contribute to behavioral needs of children are complex and changing. Our focus is on building the capacity of people and programs through their real-life challenges. Our frameworks include:

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Brittany Edge, LMFT, Family Matters Center for Relational Therapy, talks about System 1-2-3’s Pyramid Building process.

Our Valued Partners

Council of Three Rivers American Indian Center Inc. (COTRAIC)
Plum Borough School District
Washington School District

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