How We Think
System 1-2-3 uses two frameworks to guide professional and program development: Pyramid Building and Capacity Building. We use these frameworks to empower the adults who support children to address a variety of challenges.

Pyramid Building

Pyramid Building is a practice-focused, multi-tiered system of support (MTSS) that enables us to provide meaningful professional development to teachers so that teachers can build stronger classroom environments for their students, while also addressing challenging behaviors.
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Amber Orseno, Teacher for Pittsburgh Public Schools, talks about System 1-2-3’s classroom support.

Pyramid Building Topics

Reinforcement and Response

Capacity Building

Capacity Building is a system-focused framework that System 1-2-3 uses to develop the programs that surround teachers and therapists. We provide teachers, therapists, and administrators with the skills to not only address current program challenges, but also the skills that enable them to address challenges in the future.
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Amanda Winnor, SLP Supervisor at Westmoreland Intermediate Unit, describes the process of building community capacity.

Capacity Building Topics

Context and Challenge
Change and Support

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