Who We Are

System 1-2-3 facilitators are knowledgeable and creative people who have expertise in meeting people and teams where they are to facilitate forward progress.

Dan Richason


Mimi Perez

Lead Facilitator

nancy Lehman

Lead Facilitator

Kate Koontz


Anna George


Roxanne Tsambarlis


Hunter Hudson


How We Are

Our mission is to facilitate positive social and emotional outcomes for families and children. We do this by joining the people, programs, and systems that serve them to build capacity for supporting those outcomes.

  • Considerate

    When asked what is the most important characteristic of a facilitator, we choose consideration. In addition to its strong focus on how we treat others, consideration also keeps us mindful of where others are and how they may feel.

  • Present

    We have valued physical presence in settings for over 25 years, however, this is about our mental presence. This mindfulness allows us to respond thoughtfully in the moment as an observer, a listener, an extra set of hands, an encourager, a re-framer, or an idea generator.

  • Understanding

    We consider the settings we serve to be intersections where the stories, strengths, and needs of people come together. Our role is to gain an understanding of those perspectives and help merge them into a plan of action for moving forward.

  • Strength-focused

    We consider strength using to be our expertise. Our focus is to build upon the competence and confidence of team members to successfully move towards better social and emotional outcomes of children.

  • Collaborative

    The most effective approaches to address challenging behavior consider the collective experiences and ideas of multiple team members. We help move those ideas toward an integrated plan.