Dan Richason

Dan's Story

Dan has 30 years of experience working with teachers, therapists, families, and children. Along with Regis Lazor, he co-founded System 1-2-3 in 1995 with a mission to empower teachers and parents to successfully change challenging behavior. Dan is passionate about improving the systems of care that surround children and enjoys assisting teams in finding new ways of working together.

Dan has been married to Sue for 27 years. They have three children: Louden, Noah, and Gianna.

Parallel parking

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto others.”

– Jeree Paul

Dan's System 1-2-3 Story

After 25 years, it is hard to choose one story, but, when he thinks about it, Dan chooses the origination of Smart Cookies. Early childhood teacher Rebecca Mattie, EI teacher Diana Feyes, and Dan worked together at East Hills Elementary to create common problem scenarios which children helped to solve. Smart Cookies represents a lot of System 1-2-3 thinking: collaborative teaming, seeing problems through the child’s eyes, proactive and engaging social and emotional teaching, and practical application and replication.

"To work with Dan is to work with a personalized, seasoned mentor who is truly committed to your understanding and betterment. Dan is my go-to choice to host workshops and trainings for my program because of his ability to ignite passion in his training participants. It is refreshing to leave Dan’s trainings feeling both excited and confident to tackle tomorrow’s workday."
Jessica Souply
Supervisor, Family Resources Therapeutic Preschool