Joe Jones

My Story

A North side native strong and true. I was raised with my two siblings in the small neighborhood of Spring Garden. We were raised in love, grace, and a strong sense of discipline; this sense of internal community, at a young age I quickly sensed was not the reality of many friends and families that surrounded me. As a youngster I was a mirror image of the support my family provided for me; a child deemed as a “rising star”. Now, that shining is all I try to promote in others.

Marksmanship, Journaling, Meditation, Eating

”Excellence isn’t perfection. Excellence is the hunger and dedication to get better and better each time.”

My Career Story

My purpose was felt early on in my life and this nurturing was heavily reinforced when I lost my mother in 2015 to cancer. With this pivotal event in my life, I began working at a camp as an emotional support counselor for children on the autism spectrum. I also took on work as a direct support provider for adults and teens with intellectual and developmental disabilities. With all of this amazing experience I dialed in on my passion for giving. I then committed to Robert Morris University as a Psychology major with a love of behavioral therapy. After graduating 2020, these past two years I worked as a behavioral therapist for children on the autism spectrum running and tracking behavioral plans. Now I’m here with system 1-2-3 ready to spread my wings and grow as a facilitator on an amazing team!