Kate Koontz

Kate's Story

Kate joined System 1-2-3 in 2017 with a wealth of experience from the field of Behavioral Health. Before joining us, she was a Clinical Behavioral Health Director and she has training in how trauma affects brain function. Kate facilitates alongside the teams she joins to help them better understand the behavioral symptoms of trauma in the lives of young kids. She’s passionate about the work that she does and is always looking for ways to learn about how adults can help young children with trauma in their past succeed in the present.

Kate has been married to Tom for 18 years, and she has two boys.

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Any place new, but her favorite go-to place is Hilton Head, South Carolina.

Gardening, doing a DIY project at home, or taking care of her kids.

Kate's System 1-2-3 Story

One year, Kate was called to work in the classroom of a teacher who was not sure that she wanted to work with a System 1-2-3 facilitator. Knowing that it can be hard to have a new person in your classroom, especially when things aren’t going so well, Kate worked very hard to build a relationship with this teacher so that she’d feel comfortable with Kate. The best part of this story is that not only did they build a great relationship, but this teacher requested Kate’s support the following year.

“During her time in our classroom, she displayed an impressive ability to assess student interactions and behaviors. She focused on a strength-based approach to support the children. Kate has a very strong skill set to work with a diverse range of students. She values teacher-input and truly listens to the areas of need in your classroom. Kate cares deeply about the whole child and creates plans that empower the students to do their very best. Kate is patient, kind, understanding, and caring. She was beyond helpful and a pleasure to work alongside.”
Alyshia Ciaramello
Pre-K Teacher, Pittsburgh Public Schools