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Everything at System 1-2-3 revolves around the significance of relationships, and our relationships with these partners are significant.

The Team

A story of relationships


System 1-2-3 and Seton Hill Child Services have been partnering for the past 5 years. The partnership involves a variety of supports including in setting classroom facilitation, small group for directors, full staff workshops and special projects envisioned by the leadership team. This is the story of one of those projects in which a group of very committed adults came together as a team to overcome obstacles in order to best meet the needs of the families and children they serve.


As with most early childhood education providers, Covid-19 had taken its toll on the staff, families and children of the center. Trying to figure out how to open up and remain open to support families who needed in-person services while simultaneously needing to learn how to provide preschool virtually was simply a daunting endeavor. Eventually the stress of staff changes, Covid-19 protocols, and trying to balance work and home broke down the communication between staff. As Ashley, the center director put it, “We were in our own spaces and we were stuck.”

It was at this time, System 1-2-3 facilitators Dan and Nancy started meeting with the team.

What Ashley has to say
about Dan

“Dan had us work on exercises that helped us learn more about each other and opened the door for communication. Dan helped staff bring their guards down and everyone began looking at the center as a whole instead of individual classrooms.”

Center Director
Seton Hill Child Services

What Dan has to say
about Ashley

“Ashley demonstrated caring leadership from the beginning of the project. The first time we met, she volunteered to open up and encouraged others to do the same. Ashley’s commitment to the process made my role easy. As each team member shared their perspectives, it became clear that this was a group of very committed individuals ready to work together.”

System 1-2-3


System 1-2-3 does not bring pre-determined prescriptions, we bring processes. In this project, we used a variety of our teaming tools to engage the staff in building relationships based upon who they were (ex. Olympic Stories) and what they do (ex. Respect Check). They shared significant aspects of their lives, they found what made them similar and celebrated what made them different. They expressed their concerns and more importantly listened to each other and eventually came up with a team vision for the center.


Communication is much more open between classrooms and teachers are beginning to use each other as resources. The sessions really brought the team together. This team is a great example of understanding that the foundation of tiered practices is our relationships with each other. The staff is more able to handle the physical and emotional demands of early childhood education by leaning on their team members. One staff member shared a meme with all of us which read, “I don’t always say I love my job, but when I do, it’s because the people I work with are freaking awesome.”

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